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thinking about time


Murielle Gräff‘s series „thinking about time“ (2023) introduces three conceptually driven diagrams illustrating her subjective perception, projection, and mental conception of time. While the minimalist aesthetic may evoke scientific visualizations or technical illustrations, Gräff‘s framing simultaneously mirrors and challenges the institutionalized segmentation and arrangement of lived time into abstract, standardized units. In the realm of wage labor, theorist Teresa Bücker criticizes that conventional „time management“ models, rooted in predictable tasks and linear workflows, fall short in accommodating the dynamic nature of care work. A more comprehensive grasp of time would highlight not only the emotional, relational, and non-linear dimensions of time, but hence challenge the binary logic of productive and reproductive work geared at maximized efficiency and self-optimization.

Text: Gabrielle Schaad und Johanna Vieli

Installationsansicht "thinking about time" mit "day" "week" "year"/ Inkjet print, gerahmt / 3 x A3 / Edition von 3 „Outliers“ / NEST / Bilder von Jyrgen Ueberschär

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